Yiftees are thoughtful gifts that people send and receive via mobile or desktop, and pick up at local stores, restaurants and online. With Elite Merchant Solutions, Yiftee coordinates eGift cards for your website. Your company receives full price for your gift card offerings, without any revenue share or discounts. This is an opportunity for extra profit as the average gift card user ends up spending an extra 20% beyond the value of the card. Additionally, Yiftee offers national exposure for your company on the Yiftee site. Yiftee eGift enables all types of merchants. Add a new sales channel to your store today!


  • No Chargebacks

  • No Equipment

  • No Tracking or Admin or Accounting

  • Instant eDelivery via Email, Text or Twitter

  • Recipient gets monthly reminders of the gift and who sent it

  • Real time tracking: See when the gift is opened and redeemed