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In business since 2002, providing exceptional service and solutions to the small/medium business community. We are a 2A-friendly merchant services provider that understands the unique challenges and regulations of the firearms industry. We offer a wide range of payment processing solutions to firearms and associated businesses of all sizes. We are committed to providing our merchants with the tools and support they need to succeed.

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As a 2A-friendly merchant services provider committed to supporting the firearms community, we offer our merchants competitive rates and fees and provide them with the highest level of customer service available.

We offer a variety of payment processing options.

Basic Services:
  • In-store credit card processing
  • Online website processing credit card processing
  • Mobile credit card processing
  • E-commerce payment processing
  • Gift card processing
  • ACH processing
  • Text-to-pay
  • Email invoices for payment
Value-added services:
  • Online fraud prevention tools to mitigate fraud
  • Chargeback protection and response system
  • PCI compliance protection and assistance
  • Recurring billing
  • Exceptional customer support from here in the USA

We are Gun-Friendly for a Reason

Because the management team and many employees at Elite Merchant Solutions are gun enthusiasts, we were concerned with the problems the firearms industry has been experiencing. We have made it our charter to extend our philosophy of providing unbeatable rates to the firearms industry, ensuring FFLs not only save money right away but keep saving it year after year.

We have long-standing and established relationships with private and 2A-friendly banks, giving you the confidence that you have partnered with a Merchant service provider that is familiar with and looking out for the firearms industry.

We see more and more banks and merchant service providers choosing not to work with firearms and related businesses. The ones that offer services will label firearms and associated businesses as “high risk” to justify a higher rate than the typical merchant would receive, all the while claiming to be “firearms friendly.”

At Elite Merchant Solutions, we have a clear advantage over other merchant services providers: we don’t process firearms merchants, including Title II/Class 3 and manufacturers, as high risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Merchant Services Terms and Definitions

Chargeback – A chargeback is when a customer files a dispute with their credit card company about the transaction – typically because of fraud, unauthorized transactions, or failure to refund money. Obviously, these are not good for your business.

E-Commerce – Making sales in your gun shop is great, but to be competitive in this market, you’ll need to strongly consider online sales (e-commerce).

Financial Institution/Bank – Firearm retailers will, of course, need a bank. You will need to make sure that your bank allows business accounts for gun merchants.

Payment Gateway – Firearms merchants will also need a payment gateway to accept credit cards. The gateway is the company that handles the transaction through your e-commerce platform or in-store POS system. They are the bridge (or gateway) between your customer’s credit card and the payment processor (merchant account). Elite Merchant Solutions will help you set up the right option for you.

The gateway gathers the credit card details for the transaction, the payment processor runs the credit card, receives the money, and then deposits the money you earned into your financial institution.

Payment Processor – The payment processor is the company that actually processes the credit card transaction. This company is sometimes referred to as a merchant account provider, payment processor, or merchant service provider, and they offer payment solutions as a service.

PCI Compliance – To accept credit cards in the United States, you need to comply with federal laws and help to ensure that you are properly protecting your customers’ credit card information. PCI compliance refers to following all of these rules. Elite Merchant Solutions will help walk you through the process to ensure that you are PCI compliant.

If you don’t have this setup within the first few months of accepting credit cards, you can be charged a non-compliance fee.

Customer Testimonials

Gunshooter Enterprises logo

“This is our third processing company (The first two were clown shows).Thank god that we found elite processing. They are efficient and solve any issues that comes up. Customer service is 10/10 with being very polite and finding ways to figure it out. Setting up the processing was quick and easy to do and if there were any questions they could help right away. The systems are easy to learn and would recommend dealing with Elite Merchant Solutions if you want a great partner for your credit card processing provider these are the people you want to deal with.”


Roger Perry

Gunshooter Enterprises

Hoffman Tactical logo

“Reliable and responsive. We’ve been using Elite for close to eight months without issue.”


Tim Hoffman

Hoffman Tactical

Pro2A Tactical logo

“Great processor. They will go out of their way to service your requests. Great company to deal with.”


Chris Tham

Pro2A Tactical

Killough Shooting Sports logo

“ELITE Merchant services and Kevin Jones have been fantastic to work with! Kevin saved us a ton of money compared to our previous processing company.”


Dawn Killough

Killough Shooting Sports

YRS Inc logo

“I work with them for long time until now they are doing a good job.”


Zif Zeidman


Tall Timber Tactical logo

“Kevin is amazing to work with- We had our system setup in no time without any issues or delays. We are extremely happy with Elite Merchant Solutions and would recommend anyone to use them.”


Ralph Meglioia

Tall Timber Tactical

Total War Tactical logo

“Was looking to leave my lame old merchant processor and Elite came in to save the day. Easy to work with and they hustled for me. They matched or beat all fees that my old processor offered and have superior service. Hope to be with them as long as possible!”


Rafe Miller

Total War Tactical

Mike’s Ourdoor Sports logo

“Was looking to leave my lame old merchant processor and Elite came in to save the day. Easy to work with and they hustled for me. They matched or beat all fees that my old processor offered and have superior service. Hope to be with them as long as possible!”


Stan Butler

Mike’s Outdoor Sports

Cross Armory logo

“Incredibly helpful and quick to solve all your problems! I would highly recommend Kevin.”


Savannah Cross

Cross Armory

Brazos Customs logo

“Kevin Jones is great to work with will answer the phone every time.”


Drako Abtomat

Brazos Customs

Nighthawk Custom LLC logo

“ELITE Merchant Services and Kevin Jones have been fantastic to work with! Kevin saved us a ton of money compared to our previous processing company. Nighthawk Custom LLC.”


Trish Foster

Nighthawk Custom LLC

MiddletonMade.com logo

“Kevin went above and beyond to get me setup. My company is high risk and had bad luck with processors in the past, but luckily he didn’t give up and we’re now in biz!”


Ethan Middleton


Cerakoters logo

“Thank you Kevin Jones and Elite Merchant Solutions helping us with a smooth transition to a new merchant service, saving us money! Great communication and knowledge of their systems.”


Timothy Do


Types of Businesses Supported

  • Ammunition Retailers
  • Armslist
  • CCW Classes
  • Components & Accessories
  • Custom Accessories
  • Firearms Courses, Classes & Training
  • Firearms Lifestyle & Apparel
  • Gun Shops
  • GunBrokers
  • Military & Tactical Gear
  • Online Firearm Dealers
  • Online Ammunition Dealers
  • Pawn Shops
  • Patriot Products & Apparel
  • Shooting Ranges