ATM Machines

Elite Merchant Solutions has an extensive selection of ATM machines. Here are some of our preferred machines. To view alternate models, please Contact Us.

Nautilus Hyosung Mini-Bank 1800CE

The NH 1800CE offers exceptional value with the power of a Microsoft Windows CE platform. Featuring a new topper design, it is also an attractive addition to any retail setting. The 1800CE is designed to require minimum maintenance and all Nautilus Hyosung ATMs are known for reliability and have a proven track record in the U.S. market.


  • Designed to provide industry leading quality and reliability with highest uptime rates

  • A UL business-hour safe and PCI EPP (encrypting PIN pad) provide a secure transaction environment

  • TCP/IP (SSL configurable) communication capability to support high-volume locations

  • Capacity up to 4,000 notes

Nautilus Hyosung Monimax 5000CE

Simple, compact and cost-competitive with enhanced SSL performance, the Monimax 5000CE offers unparalleled value.


  • Built-in TCP/IP with Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for extra security while connected to the internet

  • New connectivity feature provides a direct connection without additional boxes, adaptors or converters

  • Customize a dispenser profile (1,000-6,000 notes) based on the volume of transactions at each site

  • Small footprint that meets all ADA standards

Tranax 1700w Retail ATM

The new Tranax 1700w Retail ATM represents the best in class performance, uncompromising value, in a confidence-inspiring design. The 1700w integrates a host of high-end features including a 7″ High Resolution Color LCD and communicates via 56K Modem or Integrated Ethernet (SSL). The Tranax 1700w is TDES and ADA compliant out of the box, including a PCI/VISA/Interac certified encrypting PIN pad (EPP), a voice guidance system, and lighted action indicators. TranRMS is a monitoring application which runs on your desktop PC and allows you to monitor your network of ATMs. Download electronic journals, update software and custom graphics as well as cash management and statistics. TranRMS can also send you alerts via cell phone and email in the event the machine goes out of service. TranRMS helps increase your ATMs uptime and lowers your operational costs.


  • Optional high-brightness topper

  • Integrated illuminated topper for creating high visibility and attracting customers

  • Sliding cash dispensing unit for easy service

  • Accessible key pad layout

Nautilus Hyosung 2700T

The NH 2700T is designed to provide the utmost reliability in the retail market locations with maximum availability and minimum maintenance needs. The NH 2700T has an open architecture platform allowing for easy future upgrades and module modifications. The NH 2700T is equipped with energy saving features like low energy LCD and long lasting ATM parts with minimum implications to the environment. Complying with standards in various regions worldwide, Nautilus Hyosung offers advanced security measures while the highly secured integrity of the NH 2700T prevents any attempted security breaches from occurring. The NH 2700T can also be easily integrated with monitoring solutions to provide seamless data transfer for effective management of the self-service channels.


  • Weatherized (water proof)

  • Illuminated topper

  • Audio jack/Speaker

  • EPP Illumination

  • Braille Keypad

  • Electronic journal

  • Digital receipt

  • Supports six languages: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean

Genmega GT3000

Designed as a true through-the-wall machine, the Genmega GT3000 retains all the features and options of a retail floor model ATM in a small, compact weather resistant chassis, perfect for tight spaces, Kiosks or anywhere location space is valuable. The GT3000 uses a 7″ high-resolution wide-screen LCD, 2″ receipt printer and can be ordered with a fixed cassette or rear-load removable cassette dispenser. There is also an optional Rear service-panel to provide secure loading and management functions. While the small footprint TTW chassis is all new, the GT3000 series ATM uses existing Genmega components, so service and maintenance remain easy and familiar. The GT3000 provides an economical through-the-wall solution.


  • High Visibility LED Sign to Attract Customers

  • Accessible 16-key alphanumeric keypad

  • Optional rear service panel

  • Voice Guidance

  • Lighted Transaction Guidance

  • 800 Note Fixed Cassette